Ron Hall aka Red Zone Ron

Ron Hall aka Red Zone Ron

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


In television the term “jumped the shark” is used to describe the beginning of the end of a television series. It goes back to “Happy Days” when Fonzie literally jumped over a shark. From that point on the show declined faster than a caution lap smoke by Dick Trickle.

Ninety minutes for a pre race show? That is insane programming. How much info do we need for go fast turn left?

In the quest for a diverse audience NASCAR has abandoned their roots. The days of Clem, Joe Bob and Peggy Sue have long since gone. The France family’s quest to put the sport in the mainstream and capture Biff and Buffy have eroded the fan base. You can blame empty seats on the economy, if you want, but empty seats have been commonplace for several years. The folks that made stock car racing were left in the shadows.

Empty seats, declining ratings, and the lack of characters have taken the dream of Big Bill France and turned into an impending nightmare

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